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Made in Costa Rica


PVC marquetry extruded in our plant (San Francisco de Heredia) with Shintech brand resin (Texas, USA).

Economical line available in white and brown with elegant designs. This profile is extruded in our country directly in Grupo Vental PVC S.A under American production and quality standards. Its guarantee is 10 years on the profile.

Warranty: 10 years

Colors: White

Maximum Height of Monorail or Series 50 Doors: 2.60 meters

TatianaMarín_OPacifico_web0024 (1).JPG


The standard line ofGrupo Vental PVC S.A it is designed for customers looking for quality and beauty at an affordable price. The profiles of this line can also be obtained in different custom designs, always considering their appropriate limitations.

This line offers all the exceptional qualities of PVC at a convenient price. The frames are resistant to high temperatures so they do not deform or change color, resulting in a surface with excellent appearance, durability and ease of cleaning.


Cypresses 1.jpg


The standard line profiles can be used in all types of buildings, whether residential, commercial and/or hotel, proving to be a first-class solution where the profitability of your project is important.

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