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Euro-Wall, founded in Florida, specializes in manufacturing custom window products that meet Florida's strict building codes for high wind speeds. Our door systems protect against damage caused by windblown particles during hurricanes and other high wind storm conditions.Euro-Wall complies with California Title 24 (Energy Code) and Texas Department of Insurance (wind-blown debris regions), and our products are designed for interior and exterior applications. For all residential or commercial projects, our Florida Products Approved door systems have higher load-bearing capacities, stronger panels, and more glass and door options than any other competitor. This versatility has made us an excellent choice for architects, builders and homeowners when choosing large opening folding, sliding and stacking door systems.

Aluminum marquetry made in Naples, Florida

Warranty: 10 years

Colors: Black, Bronze and White

Maximum Height of Doors (Pivot and/or Sliding and/or Folding): 4.26 meters

Rail: Aluminum – several aluminum alternatives

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