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The standard dimensions of each mirror are the samples we send you, we can adapt to the size you need. Usually the standard measurements by shape of the mirror are (width*length):


Rectangle or oval: 500*700, 600*800, 700*900

Circle: 600*600, 800*800, 1000*1000

Full body: 500*1500


Mirror color option: We usually sell colorless, but if you see that there is a color in high demand I can ask if it is available.


Frame option: We have matte black, shiny gold, shiny silver and gold with a shiny greenish tone.

3 month warranty against factory defect. The components we use have CE or UL certification.

The rear frame is made of aluminum.


Delivery time is 3 months


Minimum orders of 15 units per type.

LED Mirrors are one of the most popular decoration items and Mirrors today.

Usually installed in bathrooms or poorly lit places, Led Mirrors provide subtle but sufficient lighting that makes shaving, applying makeup or any other activity that requires a well-lit reflection more sensitive.

By using LED lights, our mirrors create a soft glow that can be an outstanding light source while also providing a relaxing atmosphere to your spaces.



Yoway Mirrors is a professional manufacturer and supplier of LED mirrors, medicine cabinets and dressing tables.

We help customers develop new product ranges, improve bathroom furniture costs, and meet the highest standard certifications in the bathroom and home furnishing industry.





Mirrors and glass are fragile and not easy to manufacture.
Over the years, we have learned how to treat glass and how to make the best mirrors so you don't have to worry about common quality problems that other "manufacturers" can present.

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